By Eloise Evans on 04/04/2017

Many things end up in our drains that probably shouldn’t be there. If a wet wipe gets flushed down the toilet or an earring goes down the plug hole it’s probably not the end of the world – but can you imagine if something not only valuable but terribly sentimental found its way down the drain?

Well, that was what Drain Doctor Newcastle customer, Mr Wilson, is found himself panicking about recently. He was washing his hands in his downstairs toilet, and his £3.5K wedding ring came off as he was flushing! Once the water cleared, his wedding ring was nowhere to be seen.

Frantically, he called Drain Doctor and asked them to come as quickly as possible. Technician Ian arrived shortly after and was greeted by a distressed customer who explained what had happened. Ian got to work straight away and had a look through the drain with a CCTV camera. Much to Mr Wilson’s dismay, Ian couldn’t see anything.

Without giving up, Ian went to the front manhole cover and discovered that it was fully blocked. Ian explained that the blockage would need to be cleared and set Mr Wilson’s expectations that this was the only chance to find the ring, but also the easiest way that the ring could be lost.

Ian began jetting the drain slowly, being careful not to send the ring shooting through to the sewers. As the blockage gently started to clear, thankfully, Mr Wilson’s wedding ring popped out! Ian cleaned it off and returned it to a very grateful customer! We couldn’t be more pleased to be able to reunite Mr Wilson with his wedding ring.

We love to help our customer’s return to drainage normality, so if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, give Drain Doctor Newcastle a call! 


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